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Creating your own reality will set you free and your new reality will then shift into a world of miraculous  miracles. 

Wonder if a passed loved one is trying to reach out to you?


Want some sort of a validation of the afterlife?


Want to experience miracles?



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My life's mission is to show you that life exists on the other side. I want you to know that your loved ones are always with you. Although you may not physically see them, they never leave your side. 


They want to offer us unconditional love and guidance. They want us to notice the clever signs they present to us through out the day. Through songs, butterflies, nature, pennies, and more. It is a way for them to communicate with us. A way to reach out to us to bring us comfort. You may have had that connection already. If so, trust it!  

If I could provide some kind of evidence showing you that your loved ones are in the presence of God and living in a realm of pure love, then I have done my job. I want you to know your loved ones reside eternally in a beautiful paradise called heaven. 

I am not here to prove myself to anyone, although it's sometimes fun to see the look on a skeptics face. All joking aside, I am here to show you what I know to be true. By the way spirit has a sense of humor. They want us to smile and laugh and not take life too serious. I'm the voice of spirit and my life's purpose is to honor your passed loved ones by sharing with you their beautiful messages straight from heaven.


My reading style

Every medium will give their own unique reading depending on their personality, belief system, life's experiences, memories, and more. Spirit uses our subconscious and our five senses to communicate with us. Every medium has a different way of communicating with spirit. For instance, I'm clairvoyant with means I can see what they are communicating to me almost as a daydream. I also hear, feel, and have a clear knowing. Sometimes I can smell things such as a pipe or cologne. We are mediums which means we are a conduit for the spirit world. We then relay these messages to our world. You can receive a reading with 2 different mediums connecting with the same passed loved ones and the messages will come through different. I am a lighthearted, fun loving, joyful person, so my messages will be reflecting my personality but will be given straight from spirit. Even though I like to smile and make it a fun experience for you, I am also caring, compassionate and respectful. I consider myself an evidential medium which means I am able to receive evidence from the spirit world to give you as validation that i'm really connecting with your love one. All I ask from you is to be open and ready to receive beautiful messages from your  loved ones in spirit. Feel free to browse my website and be sure to read Q&A's.

My Story


Medium Kelly Ferro has had an interesting life's journey. She always knew she was different. Her mom was a single mother of 3. Her father had bipolar disorder at the time. He was undiagnosed and became a heroine addict. Her parents divorced when her and her twin sister were 3. Kelly had frequent out of body experiences and would see energy and spirits around her. She suffered from anxiety disorder and ADHD. At age 10 her family moved to Ontario, Canada to a small town. Kelly started to find her confidence through music. At age 19 Kelly moved back to Illinois where her uncle Jim Peterik resided and where she could concentrate on her music career. Jim just so happened to be a Grammy winning songwriter/artist. Jim was the founder of the band "Survivor". "Eye of the Tiger" which was in Rocky 3 was one of their hit singles. Jim helped Kelly develop her career. She moved to California where she was signed to a major record label although God had other things in the books for her and she decided to move back to Illinois where she met her husband of now 12 years. After her grandmother passed away her intuition increased. She was was so close with her grandmother. Being a hairstylist, she started to pick up information about her clients that she couldn't possibly know. Kelly felt drawn to having a mediumship reading. She was told that she had mediumship abilities. Everything made sense and her abilities were quickly progressing. She had spent the past few years working hard on her abilities. Kelly found her souls purpose and she is so blessed to heal others in such a profound way. 


 I want you to feel comfortable and confident that I am the right person for you. Feel free to reach me if you have any questions you would like me to answer. If you are contacting me for a mediumship reading, please do not tell me who you would like to connect with. Send me an email or a text if you would like to set up a for a session or simply just a consultation. 

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