KELLY FERRO Psychic Mediumship/Life Coach

Questions and Answers



•How do you communicate with spirit? I am able to use all my senses internally. I can see, hear, smell, feel, know, and sometimes taste but its all internally. They use my subconscious to communicate with me. So they will bring through things that I've experienced in my life. Even my own memories to communicate with their loved ones. I will usually see flashes of pictures or symbols as well as hear certain words. I will also feel physical sensations on certsin parts of my body to show me how they passed away or if they had any pain while on the physical earth. I will sometimes smell if they were a smoker or if they loved wearing a cologne or perfume. And sometimes I would just know things. They can influence my own emotions to bring through messages. Each spirit communicates differently. And as James Van Prague says communicating with spirit is like a feather in the wind. Very subtle. It's basically playing charades with the spirit. And we have to translate it. Some spirit have a stronger energy and are able to communicate easier than others. 

•When did you make your first connection with spirit?  I made my first connection with spirit back in July of 2016. This can take years to develop. We as mediums are always learning and developing. I'm blessed to be able to be doing reading this soon in my development. 

•What do you think of skeptics? I was actually an open skeptic myself before I started developing mediumship. I think it's healthy to be skeptical but I encourage anyone doing a reading to be open. If someone is skeptical and/or negative, it's very hard to tap into the energy. I don't expect people to believe unless they experienced it. It's hard for me to wrap my brain around it and I'm the medium. 

•Is it hard to Connect with spirit? Every reading is completely different. Every spirit has a different way of communicating. Some spirit come through stronger than others. It's definitely easier when they come through with a stronger energy flow. When they do, they have a flow of evidence and I give stronger readings with more evidenc. When they have a weaker link, it can be like pulling teeth to get information. I believe this is because some spirits are natural communicators on the other side or had more experience. It could also be because it is their personality. If they were great communicators while they were living on the physical earth then they tend to come through as better communicators. Spirit still has the same personality on the other side, they just shed their human ego. So they are left with all love. It could be on my end if I am extremely tired, stressed, or very nervous it might be harder for me to get a strong link. Spirit vibrates at a higher frequency and we vibrate at a lower frequency. So I have to increase my frequency and they have to lower their frequency so we can meet in the middle. So it does require a lot of my own personal energy to communicate. 

•Is it scary to get a reading and will anything negative come through? Spirit and I work together as a team.  Once they transitioned to the spirit world again they shed their human ego and there is no more pain, hurt, or fear. They now see things through pure love. So everything that comes through with me personally is positive and loving, although there are some mediums that will bring through messages that spirit may want their loved ones to know that might be uncomfortable to hear, although it all out of love. 

•Has there ever been a time that spirit didn't come through for the sitter?  As a medium we cannot pick and choose what spirit comes through. Some spirit may have a dominant energy and are able to come through easily. If there's ever a time where spirit did not  come through, it might be because I may not be the right medium for this person or it may not be the right timing for the sitter to get the reading. Our energy has to flow with eachother. If for some rare reason I am not able to make a connection, then the sitter will not pay. Also if there somebody that you would like to connect with and they do not come through, I can usually pull them through. The connection may or may not be strong.

•How long should you wait to get a reading after a loved one passes away?  Every medium is different but for me it's usually after the sitter isn't heavy with grief. It may block the energy flow. 

•Can anyone become a medium? I believe everyone has some abilities to connect to the other side. I feel some people are natural born mediums and some could develop with good training. It could take years to develop to be able to do readings or it may be instantaneously depending on the circumstances. Some people may have had traumatic events in their life which can sometimes trigger the connection with the spirit world. It can usually take a couple years to develop, and like I said we are always developing and learning.

•Why do mediums get paid if it's a gift? This is a interesting question even i've asked myself. I have done free readings since I have made my first connection. I love doing readings for anybody that needs healing. I will be donate readings. Connecting with spirit takes a lot of my personal energy. There are so many beautiful gifts from God. Even including musicians, artists,scientist,baseball players etc. And these jobs require time and energy and it's usually a career for most of them. So I feel there has to be some sort of energy exchange. If everybody did readings for free, they wouldn't be able to support their families, and we would have people calling us all the time to do free readings and we wouldn't have time with our family. And it's very energy draining so we would be left exhausted. That is why I feel mediums should charge for their service. 

•Are all mediums the real deal?  The answer is no, not all mediums are the real deal. I believe some mediums are just around to take people's money, which is very very sad. It also gives real mediums a bad name. Word-of-mouth is huge so if you're ever in doubt, ask around. 

•What is it like to have a reading with me? There are different types of mediums. All mediums are completely unique and different. We all have strengths and weaknesses and connect differently with spirit. Me personally as well as most mediums I know have to go into the reading completely cold. We don't want to know anything about you or who you would like to connect with. It's because our ego's can then get in the way. It's too close to our imagination center so therefore we must know absolutely nothing. Some may think if We are your friends on social media, we go and search your page, but that is the worst we can do as mediums. Again we have to go in cold. Most of the information that comes through you cannot find anywhere. Because they are specific personal things that nobody may know except for you and spirit. The mechanics of mediumship are very mysterious. It's basically being in tune with our inner soul and piecing together a puzzle. We get bits and pieces of info. It's almost like playing charades with spirit. We sometimes see the most random symbol and we have no clue the connection, we will then find out that it's a huge piece of the puzzle and it will resonate with the sitter. Or we may hear the name Steve and it could be the name of the perosn that passed away or name or a close family members them. Again all spirit communicates differently and it's up to both myself and the sitter to translate. My readings are lighthearted and a positive experience. Not every medium is right for every sitter. Someone may need a really heavy deep reading and there are people who are right for that type of reading. I consider my readings to be fun, light, profound meaningful and exciting. Many mediums are different and bring different messages depending on their personality or their personal believes. Again spirit uses our subconscious to communicate with us so they can only bring through things that we know or have seen in our lives. 

•Do you read for your family and friends?  I typically do not read for family and close friends often although I have. Not many mediums I know will read for people close to them. Most of the time we know the same people that passed away and we cannot communicate with our loved ones the same way that we can communicate with other people's loved ones. It's because we may know everything about that person that passed away. Also it can be quite nerve-racking to communicate with a family members passed loved one because it's our close family and it can be intimidating. I have connected with my family's loved ones that I didn't know well. 

•Can you communicate with pets. Animals are a soul too and I have communicated with pets that passed away. They have shown me what they looked like, what their life was like on this physical earth, thier favorite thing to do. They have shown me the color of thier collar they used to wear. They have shown me what their other owners look like. They have brought through names of family members. They have showed me how they passed away. They have brought through messages. They have shown me their favorite place they love to sleep. So pets actually communicate quite well.