KELLY FERRO Psychic Mediumship/Life Coach

Services I Offer


Mediumship Readings

Mediumship Readings are very special readings where I am able to connect with your passed loved ones. I will bring through evidence and messages straight from heaven. My mission is to help give you the peace that you have been longing for. Each session is so unique and so beautiful. Your loved ones want to bring comfort, healing and most importantly love. My sessions include a calming scented white sage smudge spray to clear your aura and the energy in the room. After I explain how I work, I will then take you through a relaxing guided meditation to open your heart and mind and then I am ready to invite your loved ones to step forward. It is very important not to tell me anything going into a reading, not even the loved one you would like to connect with. I have to go into a reading cold. Each spirit communicates differently and some spirit has a stronger energy then others. So it's easier for me to create a strong link with some spirit's then others. I don't have much control over which spirits come through. So please go into a reading with an open mind for which loved ones step forward. At the end of a session, if there is somebody in specific you would like to connect with, I can usually pull them through although there is no guarantee. It will be a loving family reunion. I am the voice of spirit and I can't wait to share with you beautful messages from heaven. 

Angel Card Readings/Psychic Readings

Angel card readings: These magical readings will help give you important guidance. Whether it's a specific question you may have, or a particular situation you would like clairity on, or just a general reading, these readings will shake up your world in such a positive, motivating way. I will invite your angels and your personal spirit guides to step forward. These messages will not only resonate with you but they will give you a clear vision to allow you grow on this beautiful journey of yours. This service is such a fun and enlightening experience. In the 60 minute session I will also use my psychic abilities to help bring through messages, guidance, and answers to your present and future.  Your personal spirit guides are always present. They are very wise. If you would like to meet your spirit guides, I would love to bring them through for you.  

Spiritual Guidance/Coaching Session

Do you need guidance in life? Do you have situations you may be struggling with and want to get some sort of clarity? Are you experiencing a spiritual awakening and would like guidance and valuable information? This session is for you! This is a beautiful powerful journey we call life. My goal is to help you expand your consciousness with a fluid stream of valuable information that will allow you to find your true self. I want you to live your most inspiring life possible. We are responsible for our own life's path. Your perspective on life and the thoughts that you project will dictate where your future resides. If we live life out of love instead of fear, we will then become free from negativity and we will attract a positive inspiring life here on earth. I am also here to help with any situation that you may be struggling with.  I will give you intuitive downloads from spirit as guidance.  If you are unsure and would like a consultation feel free to contact me. I want you to feel as comfortable as possible. I also teach mediumship as well! If you feel that you have abilities I can help you develop them.