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Mediumship Reading

~ A simple error in scheduling led to my fateful meeting with Kelly. I was skeptical at first, but Kelly truly has a special sense. She helped me connect and receive messages from three very important people in my life who have passed on.  She knew details about them and my life without me telling her anything.  In fact, this was the very first time I had ever met her!  She truly has a gift and I am beyond thankful to have crossed paths with her.  The peace and comfort she was able to offer me has been priceless!  Not only that, but she has an amazing personality and is so easy to talk to.  I have already recommended her to numerous co-workers and family members."

Sara Middleton

Psychic/Angel Card Reading 

~I had an angel card/psychic guidance session with Kelly. I really can’t say enough about her genuine, positive and loving energy! She didn’t even have to ask leading questions or anything so you can trust me when I say she is the real deal! She loves what she does and just wants to help you get to a place of living positively and loving your life and yourself as well. She didn’t just focus on stating things, she advised me on how I can better my life and my circumstances and has real examples herself  so she, “walks the walk.” She’s just a shining light of a person and is fully committed to using her gifts for the greater good.

Jamie Krekowski

Healing Session

~Since we've had our session I've felt a sincere release and I'm at peace. The wisdom and guidance that you gave me helped propel me to put my best self forward and understand how to rid myself of the daily negative harm that I never knew I internalized in such a self destructive way

Erin Donovan

Mediumship Reading

~Kelly was spot on. My father came through and coyly alluded to his ongoing "problem" in life, which he always used "code" for-- his alcoholism. (He never wanted to address it plainly in life.) Kelly identified his lung cancer, which spread to his brain, and that he was not emotionally available near the end. That's so specific. So spot on. She identified the sudden hope that he had when the first round of treatments worked, and his fear when they failed. That initial success and sudden disappointment was such a hurdle for him in his last months, but he never discussed it. That's what's unusual, I believe, about Kelly is that she can sense the character of the people she's channeling, and get right to the heart of the matter. The heart of the healing. Wow.

Robert Graves

Mediumship Reading

~Kelly is an amazing medium!  I'm a newer client of hers at the hair salon and two times now she has had messages to bring through. The first time she was able to connect with my grandpa I was never able to meet. She knew so many details about him that was validated by my mom. The other time she connected with my husbands dog he had growing up. I never expected that she'd be able to connect with an animal. She was able to tell me many details about the dog including showing her my husband playing video games, the color of his collar, that he was hit by a car and she even knew my father in law's name whom she has never met!  Kelly has such a special talent and I hope she is able to connect so many more people! 

Meghan Bastianelli

Mediumship Reading

~For years I’ve been interested in a mediumship reading, but something held me back. I lost my mother when I was 20 years old due to a drug and alcohol addiction. I’ve longed to connect with her in hopes off gaining a sense of closure after she abandoned me as a young child. I’ve suffered emotionally, which has impacted my confidence in a detrimental way. I’ve lived guarded, passing up opportunities for relationships and happiness. I met Kelly at a friends birthday party, and knew immediately that she was my link to connecting with my mother. 

I left my mediumship reading with Kelly feeling healed. A huge weight was lifted off my shoulders, I was able to see the world as the beautiful place that it is. This is a pivotal point in my life and it’s all because of the healing that took place with Kelly. I feel whole. I have a sense of closure and understanding. 

I cried! Tears that have been waiting release for more than two decade. I left and I cried more. 

I also have a sense of comfort knowing that my Mom is with my two girls often, watching over and protecting them. Kelly shares very specific examples of times that my Mom was with us, that only my immediate family would know about. 

To say that this was the most impactful and profound experience of my life doesn’t quite define what took place. It was amazing and beautiful. I will be forever grateful for her gift, and that she shared it with me. 

She made me feel very comfortable throughout the reading. She has a beautiful soul and a kind heart. I highly recommend a meeting with Kelly of any kind.

Tara Rome Kolar

Group Mediumship Reading

~I had my first small intimate group mediumship session with Kelly at my friends house last week. When Kelly first walked in I could sense a positive energy that was calming and uplifting.  We started off with some small talk over hot tea and I found Kelly to be very easy to talk too and very relaxing (I did make it a point not to say too much about myself/or my past to get the best out of my experience).  We started off our session with Kelly giving us a bit of her background and that she only relays positive messages.  Kelly then began some mediating breathing exercises which put me at a gentle ease and opened myself up for our session.  Kelly was spot on from start to finish and I was astonished by how accurate the information was not just for me but for the others in my group. She knew things about our passed loved ones that no one would know but us. For me I personally loved the connection with my loved one who has passed on and gave me a sense of peace.  One of the personal messages relayed to me by my loved one was about a piece of jewelry that I was wearing (but I had hide it under my shirt so Kelly didn't know I was wearing it) and how it made my loved one feel even more connected me thru this piece of jewelry.   Her messages were spot on with evidence and she was very comforting and reassuring. If you are the least bit curious to try your first session, or even if you've had serval in the past, I can promise you, you won't be disappointed with the time Kelly spends with you.  Especially if you go with an open with an open heart and an open mind.  Kelly has a beautiful soul, a beautiful gift, and a kind heart. I'm looking forward to my next session and hoping to set up a healing session in the near future.

Lisa Fenwick

Healing Session

~I came to Kelly as life has been super busy and stressful. I could feel my negative energy even affecting my physical health. I have known her for 11+ years now and was confident her kindness, honesty and positive attitude would help me. It only took a matter of minutes with her calm voice, that I could feel my stress decreasing. She really helped me deal with shutting out the negative energy and focusing on all of the great things happening around us. I was so amazed how spot on the angel cards were. I even got the same one as I did a while back when she drew cards for me. It helps to have confirmation of whatever you're dealing with in life and to feel as though there is some sort of guidance out there for us. Sometimes it is tough to remind yourself on your own to stay positive. 

One phrase Kelly said to me really stuck, "we're all here to love." I think this can be tough to live up to, but we should all defi live with our hearts.

Thanks for everything, Kelly!

Cayce A.

Group Mediumship Reading

~I've had the pleasure of witnessing Kelly read on multiple occasions, in a group setting and also read me personally in a private setting. Kelly has a bright inner love and light that makes her the perfect conduit for spirit. Kelly brought through healing messages and evidence for everyone in the group and I can say with certainty she is the real deal. Her accuracy with details is astonishing and brings validation to the sitter that their loved one is there. I would highly recommend her for anyone that needs healing.

Tanya Russell

Psychic/Angel Card Reading

~Kelly is such a sweet spirit.  Every session I’ve had with her has been incredibly loving, supportive, and uplifting.  She is kind, sincere, and joyous and has coached me through a few of life’s trickier decisions with optimism and grace.  She delivers even the “tough love” messages in such a kind and gentle way; empowering you to act in your highest good.  Kelly is a truly talented intuitive!  I was recently on the fence about taking an opportunity across the country and it has been quite enchanting to experience much of her guidance coming to fruition & celebrating these positive changes with her!  She is truly an advocate for your highest good and healthiest life.  I have really enjoyed working with her and feel blessed to have had her guidance and nonjudgmental support along my journey.  Thank you Kelly!  You have made my heart full.

Sara M.


Angel Card Reading

I would HIGHLY recommend doing an angel card reading with Kelly! I did a reading with her a few weeks ago and I was absolutely mind blown! Every card that she read resonated with my current situation. It was truly the validation that I had been longing for. I have been incredibly disconnected with Faith over the last ten years or so, but this reading reassured me that I still have angels working to protect and guide me. Kelly has an amazing gift and I am so fortunate that my first experience was with her. By the way- I found it incredible how she channelled my energy through the phone. I was balling my eyes out in the middle of it! Such a neat experience- again, I would HIGHLY recommend!

Mindi Winnie

Mediumship Reading

Kelly is highly connected to the spiritual realms. Her evidence is so clear and spot on. She's wonderful.

Summer Garner

Mediumship Reading

Kelly is awesome!  She has connected with several of my family members and the experience was so spiritual and extremely accurate with evidence. It gave me the chills.  I came out feeling so positive and uplifted.

Amy Dettloff

Spiritual Coaching Session

Kelly is an amazing beautiful soul who is divinely touching my life through her spiritual coaching, healing energy, and angel card reading. These are just a few ways Kelly has helped me to gain wisdom in how I want to live a better richer healthier life physically, emotionally, professionally, and spiritually.  Kelly gives messages through spirit or loved ones with the most gentle loving ways. I have found her messages to be spot on and validating. Kelly is so authentic, loving, kind, non judgmental, and so honest. I love her style and personality. I can tell she lives her life through pure love and the light of the Universe. I feel so blessed to have Kelly as a person in my circle of love, friendship, and spiritual support. Thank you Kelly for being one of my guiding angels. 

~Heidi C

Mediumship Reading

In my 59 years on this earth, I’ve always felt I had a higher calling but suppressed it, thinking that being able to connect with the spiritual world was for “special people”. I have searched high and low looking for a place to belong. Suffering from depression and anxiety. 


I have seen several different psychic mediums since I was a teen and had always come away feeling negative and not worthy. Not with Kelly. She brought such loving beautiful messages. They made me feel inspired. 


I am a child of God. For the past short year I’ve felt a tugging at my soul. So turning to God in spirit, seeking a sincere and deep relationship with Him, looking for my souls’ purpose, He brought me to Kelly.


I’ve been acquainted with Kelly for about 5 years and recently learned she had the gift of being a psychic medium. My intuition told me that she was the one for me. I messaged her and made and appointment within several days.


At my reading, Kelly told me there was somebody waiting to come through, and he wanted to make sure he was the first want to come through. She told me what he looked like, how he passed away and knew that he was a heavy smoker. My step dad came through with such strong apologies it even brought tears to her eyes. She relayed his message to me of how he was ill being in his human form and he now knows (being in spirit) what it did to me. I didn’t tell Kelly anything of my history of abuse and only those close to me know of it. She also spoke of another family member. She literally said “Steve”! I haven’t spoken with my Uncle Steve in years and he lives in Texas. Kelly brought through my mother. I was so happy to hear from her. She had evidence and beautiful messages that resonated with me. It was special especially when she spoke of a blanket my mother crocheted for me. I had recently taken it out of storage and actually had it in my bedroom. There were many family members that came forward and relayed through Kelly, all positive and healing.


Kelly also relayed a message from Spirit that I am a spiritual healer and have psychic medium gifts!! She said at the end of the reading that I would see a special bird that I didn’t see very often as an affirmation of my gifts from spirit. Well, guess what?! I saw a blue heron standing on a pier close to the road when I was driving home! GAH!  I was able to stop and the heron let me snap a picture!


It’s only been six days since my reading. My life is suddenly filled with purpose because she has shared her gift with me. It will be a journey. But, because of her love and compassion.  I am now looking forward to what God has in store for me.


From the bottom of my heart, thank you Kelly

Nancy B.

Mediumship Reading

I won the Facebook reading by Kelly Ann Ferro and I need to tell all you skeptics that she was spot on. She made comments about things that she couldn't possibly know including my daughter's nickname and that she's a recovering drug addict, and also that my loved ones are watching over her and helping with her sobriety. 

She read that my mother's presence was very strong and she knew she was a heavy smoker who liked to drink coffee and read the newspaper. All of which is very true. She knew about her toe that was injured when she was a little girl, she brought up me giving her perms which I used to do, and that she had a tender scalp and that we would laugh and poke fun even though we would sometimes hurt her scalp. 

She read about my father, always wearing a hat. She brought up a guitar that my father kept showing her. He gave me a guitar when I was younger that I still have. 

My second father figure died of heart failure and she felt it in her chest. She read he was hairy and he was. 

She said I had a connection with the name Rose, who was my sister. 

She brought up my passed away animals and that one of them was grey faced with a lump on her head, which is spot on. 

So for all of those who don't believe in mediums, here's your proof. I feel very blessed to have Kelly read me over Facebook messenger.

Love Linda Clausen

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